Posted by: Dave | January 4, 2009

A sort of travel blog

With an upcoming trip, I figured it was time to create a blog and (publicly) record my thoughts and experiences as I’m traveling. Hopefully you (friends and family) will find this an easy way to keep up with me and my adventures wherever/whenever they occur.

So I’m wrestling with WordPress to set the page up to accurately convey the information that I want to. I have a feeling that it’ll be a work in progress. The photo in the header is a favorite of mine. I took it by myself in Homer, Alaska, during my trip in June 2008, using a self-timer on my Canon point-and-shoot camera that’s sitting on a convenient bench overlooking the sound. [Note: this photo has been changed to keep the page fresh and fun. If you want to see the image from Homer, click here]


  1. Yes…that picture is absolutely breathtaking. Will you be able to upload pics from your new camera to your blog while you are gone?

  2. Yeah… I should be able to upload when I can get on a computer at an internet cafe. I’m trying to figure out how to do it via Picasa… or maybe Flickr.

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