Posted by: Dave | January 20, 2009


I’m on the plane between Phoenix and Houston – the very beginning of what will undoubtedly be an amazing trip. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about getting to South America to explore vast wilderness, learn about ancient civilizations and experience unique culture. And hopefully catch a soccer game or two. Excitement doesn’t come easy for me. Which is why I’m inspired to write at the moment.

I’m excited because I feel hopeful about all sorts of things, not just my trip. Today’s presidential inauguration was full of hope. It’s fun to be hopeful about our country’s expected improved perception around the globe. Maybe I’m a little too inflated at the moment, but I’m proud to be an American traveling in South America. I expect to come across shared hope as I meet people from around the world.

I have made jokes about how I won’t be able to see inauguration coverage while on my layover – at George Bush(!) International Airport in Houston. I know that’s not true and, while sitting in the terminal at PHX waiting to board my Continental Airlines flight, the pride and hope was palpable. A bunch of people I don’t know and will never see again are clearly hopeful for myriad of things.

Endorsement of the Day: Go buy the current issue of Esquire magazine (with Obama on the cover). Lots of great reading, most notably “What the Hell Just Happened?” by Tom Junod. It’s about the last eight years and why we are where we are. (Hint: don’t blame “him”.) A great read for anyone regardless of party or political slant.

Ok. Now I’m just going to write about travel.

I always find my iPod’s shuffle selections/combinations intriguing. Here’s the playlist that “happened” as I wrote this:

Why Go – Pearl Jam
Overture – Patrick Wolf
Acid 8000 – Fatboy Slim
Space Age Love Song – A Flock of Seagulls
Undone – Weezer
Lucifer’s Jigsaw – Jaydiohead (Jay-Z/Radiohead mash-up. Check out for free download)
Acid Food – Mogwai
Stagger Lee – Grateful Dead
Bokkie – Elefant
Everything Will Be Alright – The Killers

Time to land at IAH. Next stop Buenos Aires.


  1. Dave,
    I am SO excited for you, and cannot wait to follow your experience. Your writing is beautiful, and your spirit of hope is inspirational. I look forward to catching up on your updates, and wish you all of the fulfillment that this adventure has the potential of bringing.



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