Posted by: Dave | January 27, 2009

Cash & Tierra del Fuego

I´m at an internet cafe in Ushuaia, which is the southernmost city in the world. Surprisingly, it´s not as far south as many inhabited places in the northern equivalent. Ushuaia is located on Tierra del Fuego and is just north of the 55th south parallel. In the northern hemisphere, that´s about where Juneau, Alaska is… and Scotland… and much of Russia. So… not as impressive as I once thought. Ushuaia is the base for Antarctic expeditions… and it´s really tempting to go. Antarctica is only about 750 miles from here, and the boats leave daily. Unfortunately they are 12-day trips, and right now (peak season) cost about $4000. Maybe some other time.

It´s great to be somewhere that isn´t pure flat desert (which is what the Patgonian steppe basically is). After 4.5 days of driving, the mountains and lakes and glaciers are much-welcomed scenery.  Today´s hike to a small glacier near town was welcome exercise after all that sitting in the car. Now the fun part of the trip really begins… trekking, camping, rafting, etc… all in the Andes of Argentina and Chile. (Passed through Chile on the way into Tierra del Fuego… so I can add that stamp to the passport!).

I forgot to bring the cable to upload more pics. Since my last post (from Peninsula Valdes), we have visiting another penguin colony that makes the first one look like an ant farm. Punta Tombo has over 1 MILLION penguins, and you can walk among them. They walk up to a 1/4 mile from the beach into the hills to make their nests, and you can walk right next to them. I have some great pics of them that I´ll post tomorrow hopefully.

Hassle: losing your ATM card in a foreign country. I don´t have a clue how or where I lost it, but I have my drivers license and credit card, but no debit card. They´re always in the same place. Anyway, I don´t know the PIN to my credit card, so I´ve had a real hassle getting cash.  Note to all of you: know the PIN to your credit card in case you lose your ATM card. All is good now… thanks to my parents!! It´s been hard to call BofA from here, so their help has been invaluable! Thanks mom and dad!

OK… time to go outside and wait for sunset … at 10:30pm or so.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. dont lose the little customs entry tax tag they staple into your passport in Chile either…otherwise its another $100 when you go back into the country.

    and i know your cc# pin…its 1-2-3-4.

  2. Okay ridic you lost your debit card. Anyway, lol. How cool you are in the southern most city in the WORLD! 🙂 It’s like Santa’s workshop – upside down!

  3. DUDE– take the trip to Antarctic. I’m in for $20.

    (I think the penguins took your ATM card)

  4. Dag nabbit good stuff you wphipesnrappers!

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