Posted by: Dave | January 29, 2009


Today started with rain in Tierra del Fuego and ended with brisk cold air in Puerto Natales, Chile.

Puerto Natales is basically the base camp for Torres del Paine National Park, which located in the southern part of Chile and is generally considered the best national park in South America. I’m headed into the park tomorrow to do a 4-5 day trek that will be among some of most dramatic scenery I’ve ever witnesses. Glaciers, towering peaks, etc. That means no updates to the blog for a while. I know I need to post some more pics, I just haven’t had the time at a computer. Maybe on Tuesday or so.

Yesterday I was still in Tierra del Fuego and we tackled a hike in Tierra del Fuego up the Cerro Guanaco peak. It was 973 meters in elevation, and we did it in just under 5 hours. 973 meters is a lot of elevation to tackle in 5km and 2.5 hours uphill. For those of you familiar with Camelback Mountain, this hike was as difficult a climb as the Echo Canyon trail, but was twice as long (3.1 miles) and with three times the elevation change! I know I took the last few months off of working out (sick, lazy, etc) but that hike showed me how much leg strength I have lost since my hip surgery last March. Being out of shape is something I expected, but not being strong uphill was really frustrating for me. Good thing Ive got plenty more time on the trail before the Machu Piccho.

4-5 days on the trail. I’ll try to put together more of a post when I can get back online.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time!

    I sent an e-mail to your Yahoo account about a Cliff Bar voluntary recall due to the concern of some bars having peanut products that were manufactured by Peanut Corporation of America which is the focus of an ongoing Salmonella investigation. Not sure which bars you packed and I don’t want you to get sick!

    Can’t wait to see all of your pictures!


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